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The Underflow Technology   ~  All Underflow Sluice Poroducts are Patent Pending
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"Hi: I got the high banker the other day and let me tell yous that I love it... I tried running some cons that had some gold in it and it found the small gold... I'm one happy man... just to watch it work.. Thank you for everything I never thought this old man would find joy in gold prospecting... thank you so much again." .~Mr. Siekert~
"My name is Steve and I live in Northern California. I started mining with a 3 foot sluice and a shovel. I have moved up to a wash table that I load with my backhoe. I really enjoy everything about mining but the cleanup. Like most people I started with a gold pan but just had too much material to go through. I bought a gold wheel and Millers table to help. Not only was using the wheel and table time consuming but also tough on my legs and back and I was still finding gold in my tailings. Standing over the table picking out small pieces of gold just made me hurt to bad plus I was missing family time cleaning up the clean up of my clean up.
One evening while cruising You Tube I stumbled on a couple of underflow videos. The ones where they were trying to demonstrate the underflow sluice held together with clamps didn’t impress me too much but I was intrigued by the idea. I kept searching underflow on You Tube and found one with Mike showing the finished product. I decided that the idea was so good I had to give it a try. I had the sluice up and running within minutes after it arrived. I have been rerunning all of my blue wheel tailings and finding small and even larger flakes of gold. Not only is it faster, easier and way more efficient it’s actually fun to use. This is by far the best piece of mining equipment I have ever purchased that is easy to use and extremely efficient. If you’re already into mining or going to get into mining buy an underflow sluice first and mining will be fun and we all know that the more fun something is the more you will do it. Thanks Grumpy" ~Steve~
UnderFlow Sluice Design, A complete system for Placer Gold/Platinum mining. Ultimate (all) gold recovery up to 99%, depending upon the skill level of the operator. One Cleanline System, No Miners Moss, No Carpets, and No Positive riffles to have to remove and clean for your Gold recovery. Simple easy straight forward design that can be used alone or in conjunction with any Commercial or non Commercial mining operation, with a Trommel, Shaker, D Rocker, Dredge, and more. Capable of collecting ALL forms of Placer Gold or Platinum. From large Nuggets to Micron Gold, without interfearance from hasseling Black Sands. Recover nothing but clean Gold, No Panning, or other equipment needed for even the finest Gold! From the grounds of Mother Earth Straight in your Pockets!
Hi Mike & McKenna,
Wanted to let you know I got the sluice yesterday, thank you.
I ran some fine material through it and my reaction so far is astonishment.
It has picked up well beyond my expectations.
The Level of customer service I received was outstanding!! Thank you for listening to me talk about finding gold in Louisiana and not thinking I was crazy, please see the attached picture. As I told you it is super fine and impossible to separate by panning. The dust shown in the vial is from running for 2 hours (about 1 gallon of cons.) with my new Underflow Mini. Turns out I did prove that there is gold in central Louisiana! You just have to look in the right place. I am looking forward to even more gold from the same source. Thank you for re-inventing the age old sluice, it really does exactly as it is advertised.

Frank Row
Somewhere in Louisiana
A Very Satisfied Customer
A pure genius approach by Mike that works better than anything ever invented, including centrifuge recovery. Is great for Field and Laboratory use. No loss whatsoever. You can capture large or super fine unseen particles with No magnetite present. Sell off your old equipment and go with the "Underflow" (s) and enjoy Total recovery. Watch the videos. I hereby declare it does more for recovery, fine concentration of ore (and fun) than anything EVER used. Mike's genius can now benefit you. Go back and rework your old stuff and see the difference. My hat is off to Mike and McKenna. God has blessed Mike's efforts with Divine insight,. If you don't have several, you are really missing out and are unfortunately uniformed. Make changes in your life, now. You will be very pleased with this innovation approach. Thanks guys!
~Doc JC~
I recently bought the mini underflow sluice box 2' x 5". I am using a 600 gph pump.. It says to use 325 gph.I will tell you even with that much flow going through the fine gold still stays in the trap.? I'm telling you the truth.. I am very happy with my purchase and will be ordering a lot larger underflow..I am not skilled at using the underflow but I even have gold showing..XGrumpyProspector you have a great design.Thank you.
~From the goldprospector38..From Port Alberni British Columbia Canada..~
~Youtube User~

Although I did not have a lot of time, I could not resist to try out the Underflow Sluice briefly.  The results was really astonishing.  The sluice has really caught the smallest gold tinsels which are almost not visible.  As a geologist I have studied and tested many different procedures for gold recovery.  I must say that the Underflow sluice seems to be the best method around to extract gold out of river placer.  This technology can avoid the use of toxic mercury so i hope that the Underflow sluice will be distributed all over the world and your business will grow fast.  Thank you very much for this great product.

 ~Germany Geologist~ 

We are extremely thrilled with your Super Invention. There is no comparison as to the amount of years you have removed concerning the magnetite problems for miners. I have used Le Traps, Gold cubes, Black magic, Highbankers, David Plath's magnet pads, Global Solutions shaker table the RP4, every gimmick, goldtron tables, sifters, pans, centrifuge, water wheel, spiral separator etc. Nothing comes close to your invention so you are in a league of your own. I tell people just look at the videos. It doesn't take long to agree. Will keep in touch and do all I can to help ya help others. Right now, telling others and getting them to make the change. I'll send more results later. May even see ya down south. Your invention is very critical for going forward in this age. Thanks guys....
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