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Constructed with only the finest materials to last the Miner the
test of time!

The UnderFlow Sluice Design, A complete system for Placer Gold/Platinum mining. One Cleanline System, No Miners Moss, No Carpets, or Positive riffles to have to remove and clean for your Gold recovery. Simple easy straight forward design that can be used alone or in conjunction with any Commercial or non Commercial mining operation, with a Trommel, Shaker, D Rocker, Dredge, and more. Capable of collecting ALL forms of Placer Gold or Platinum. From large Nuggets to Micron Gold, without interfearance from hasseling Black Sands. Recover nothing but clean Gold, No Panning, or other equipment needed for even the finest Gold!

From the grounds of Mother Earth Straight in your Pockets! The best, most efficient "Clean Gold" Collection System available to the public to date!
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The Underflow Technology    ~ All Underflow Sluice Poroducts are Patent Pending
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